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John Gilham - Landscape Photographer



This is me,  John Gilham.   Lover of  Photography and all things food and wine.

However you arrived at this website, thank you for stopping by and taking a look.


I am a keen self taught amateur Photographer based in Kent, the Garden of England in the UK.

My photographic pleasure is derived from capturing high quality images, mainly landscape but they could be any subject that pleases my eye and hopefully your eye too.


Whilst my images are for sale in many formats and from various websites, it is purely for fun as it is just my hobby. I would never want to photograph subjects that do not interest me. I am also a lazy photographer, rarely carrying a tripod or alternative lens though I have both. I also never get out of bed early enough to capture a sunrise and am often enjoying a meal and wine at sunset. My images therefore rarely capture the atmosphere that I enjoy from other landscape photographers.

I have been taking photographs since my teenage years,  having always been an enthusiastic photographer but I have become  more inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in the past ten years or so as I have found more leisure time.  During this time I have been seriously hindered by a lack of mobility due to osteoarthritis of both hips the first of which was replaced in 2019 and now in 2024 having the second replaced I am ready once again to get out with my camera to capture a moment in time and freeze it for ever.

My first camera was a Agfa ISO-Rapid 1  given to me in 1965 when I was 12 years old. It was a Christmas present from my Uncle and Auntie.  The cost then was £5 and 5 shillings, in today's money that would be equivalent to £136, that was quite a present for me in those days. That camera enabled me to shoot my first ever reel of 35mm film and it is possibly the reason I  have such a love of Photography today.  Thanks to a friend who stored it for 40+ years I still have that camera.

Over the years I have gradually progressed with technology.  In the 1980s I formed my relationship with Canon cameras owning one of the first 35 mm automatic SLR's , it was a Canon AE1. The Canon A1 came next which was my pride and joy for many years.  It was also all black, unusual as most cameras were then silver in body colour.


A history of the cameras I have owned over the last 60 years are listed

Many of my skills came from being an active member of  a local Camera Club during the 1980's and 90's before digital technology arrived. Or I should say was accepted and welcomed within the club. Any digital camera then was too low in resolution to produce anything near the quality of film.

Senior club members would say digital would never replace 35mm film!


Once the digital format achieved near equal levels of quality to film I adopted it fully and many different Canon camera bodies as the technology progressed. I currently use the Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 with a variety of Canon RF and EF L glass.  It is by far the best camera I have ever had and the only one I have dropped and damaged!

Recently retired I now have a little more time to pick up the camera and have also extended my skill set into the world of 4k aerial video production using a Dji drone, initially the mini 2 which I have recently upgraded to a Dji mini 3 Pro drone.

Still photography will always be my first love.

Thank you for visiting and looking at what I have to share with the world. 

It would be lovely to see you back here again soon, so please don't be a stranger.

Should you have any questions or just want to drop me a note to say hello, you can use the 'Say Hi' page or contact me via email or my social media pages, links to which are in the top menu..

Landscape Photography by John Gilham
Landscape Photography by John Gilham
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